It’s safe, it’s free and it’s fun! Let’s keep our children in sport.

 ‘encouraging children to stay in sport by understanding, supporting and rewarding personal physical achievement’

 It's a free lucky draw with no number and no ticket. It's aimed at you if you are 16 or younger and would like to be rewarded for doing something sporty which exceeds your own expectations. You just email your name, date of birth and town or city where you live with news of a personal physical achievement for this month and if your name is drawn you win a voucher directly connected to sport. But remember, you must get permission first.

Lucky Draw

Who is behind it?

The May Mile™ is a well recognised and well attended annual event...

Zӧe Rucker is the founder and organiser of this event, and the May Mile™ Lucky Draw is a follow on initiative.

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What is it?

It is a simple, monthly, FREE Lucky Draw

One prize-winner is drawn once a month on a random basis. To be in the draw all you need to do is:

• Do a physical activity you feel is challenging
• Register and log that activity
• Check to see if you've won

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I entered the Trowbride 5k and won 3rd female with a time of 20mins 44secs.

I did it because I had not entered any other 5Kms apart from parkrun and I wanted to see how I would do on a different course and with different people. I did really well and was so proud.

What counts?

What is an achievement?

An achievement could be trying a new activity, or reaching a milestone in a sport you enjoy. For example...

• Swimming without armbands
• Cycling without stabilisers for the first time
• Beating your personal score in keepie uppies

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Who is it for?

Who can take part in the draw?

The May Mile™ Lucky Draw is about rewarding children who recognise their own personal physical achievement...

Then they register and:
• Log their moment
• Check to see if they have won
• Achieve a new goal
• Repeat as above!

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How do I do the Lucky Draw?

It is quick and easy to register with us. Just follow the 10 easy steps...

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What can I win?

The monthly lucky prizes

We have a wonderful range of prizes, from free, local sports sessions, to vouchers from national sports stores.

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Latest Draw

And our winner is...

Archie of Chippenham, a big well done. You can see Archie's achievement on the left...

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 Our Sponsors

A big thank you to our sponsors. Your support is vital to the success of the draw.